Local Tour Operators

If you prefer to design your own birding tour or wish to book direct, you can contact one of Guyana's fine local tourism businesses. More information about the wide range of birding tours and packages they offer is coming, so be sure to check back often!

Wilderness Explorers

T: +592-226-2085

E: info@wilderness-explorers.com

W: www.wilderness-explorers.com/

Evergreen Adventures


E: reservation@evergreenadventuresgy.com

W: www.evergreenadventuresgy.com/

Roirama Tours

35 Liberty Lane, Petaluma, CA 94952

T: +592-225-9648

E: ral@roraimaairways.com

W: www.roraimaairways.com

Torong Guyana Co. Ltd.

T: +592-226-5298/ 225-0876

E: toronggy@networksgy.com

Rainforest Tours

T: +592-231-5661 / 624-3298

E: rainforesttours@networksgy.com

W: www.rftours.com

Dagron Tours


E: dagron@solutions2000.net

W: www.dagron-tours.com

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